What is Janus?

Janus is a RuneScape Private Server – Sometimes called a RSPS.

We are based on revision 317, but with a sprinkle of revision 667 and OldSchool RuneScape!

What makes you unique?

Here at Janus 317, we aim to do things differently.

We believe that a private server should have all of the features you expect from Old School RuneScape (osrs), perfectly mixed with some of that private server magic that we all crave!

What is your vision for Janus?

We are not trying to compete with the huge servers. Janus should be a community of players who all share the same passion for Old School RuneScape. We plan to grow – don’t worry about that! We just aren’t trying to take over the world!

How can i know you are legit, can i trust you?

Janus 317 is built for you. We’re only interested in helping you enjoy your time here.

All data that we collect is securely stored on commercial VPS servers, professionally secured to the best of our ability.

Am I allowed to use an Alt?

Yes! We do not restrict the use of alternative accounts when you play Janus.

How can I play?

You can play by downloading out latest client.

My client doesn't open. What should I do?

Usually issues with the client can be resolved by installing JKD 8.

If you are still having issues, please reach out in our Discord!

Can I apply for a staff role?

For sure! As we grow – we rely on our fantastic staff members to support our players!

Please visit our team page and you’ll find the contact form at the bottom.

You can also apply via Discord!

Do you accept donations?

We sure do.

We rely on the generosity of our players to keep Janus alive and growing.

100% of donations are spent on server expenses.

Visit our automated donation store or if you’d prefer, you can contact Flub on Discord to arrange a custom donation.

Can I hire your development services?

Yes! Due to frequently being hired by fellow server owners, we have decided to offer a formal way to hire us for any of the following;

317 / OSRS / Old School RuneScape Private Server Services

Website Development

VPS / Dedicated server setup

General Java programming queries

You can find our hourly charge here!