Platinum tokens release

Today brings the release of platinum tokens to Janus!

Many of you loyal Janus 317 fans have been asking us for this – so here we go!
Players will now be able to use coins on any bank booth to transform them into platinum tokens.

1000 coins = 1 Token

We’ve also improved the ability to withdraw cash from your money pouch too!

Now, if withdrawing more cash would take you over the max cash amount (2,147,483,647), the remainder will appear as platinum tokens in your inventory!

We hope that this update will improve your day-to-day experience whilst playing Janus.

Platinum tokens will play a key role in the server, enabling Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players to easily transition onto RuneScape Private Servers (317 RSPS).

For any more requests, don’t forget to request them over in our Discord!

Flub is the founder of Janus 317 RuneScape Private Server (rsps) He has a passion for Old School RuneScape (osrs) and has several years of development experience!

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